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Simple Systems

More Profit

Less Stress

You love your business. Let's transform your money.

Go from:

Wondering "Am I doing this right?"

"Tax planning? What tax planning?" 😉

Too much time and energy spent collecting, spending, or organizing money.

Paying yourself last (or not at all!)

Ignoring (avoiding?) your numbers.


Knowing you've got it all together.

Taxes done easily - even EARLY? (Gasp!)

Simple, repeatable processes that save time, money, energy - and get the job done.

Predictable income you can count on.

Joyfully creating your vision - at home and in your business. 🙂

You are ready to feel calm, clear, and confident about your money.

You are smart, successful, and have your shit together (mostly!). You are making a difference in the world, and you are ready to take your money seriously – to “know your numbers”, increase your profits, and save and spend differently. You want the confidence that comes from knowing that everything is handled – your bookkeeping is streamlined and up-to-date, you’re paying yourself well, and you’re making great decisions, at home and in your business.


When you change your money, it changes everything. I can help.

Hi, I'm Emily.

I help entrepreneurs organize their business finances, so they can save time, make more money, and feel confident knowing that they’ve got the “money stuff” handled.

Your finances shouldn’t be about guilt and shame, restrictive spending, hours crunching numbers, or doing things you hate.

It’s about understanding YOU.  Creating systems.  Shifting perspectives.  Staying present.  Discovering space.  Manifesting opportunities.  Aligning values.  Making things fun.


Yes, it IS possible.  😉

Emily at Clear Sky is amazing. I had a bit of an old mess to clean up and she helped me through it and helped ease my anxiety throughout it. Emily made my life SO much easier!! And every time she tells me to do something scary and I do it, I make more money!
- Patti Abbott

Owner, Seattle Massage Oasis

What are you looking for?

"I need a bookkeeper!"

I can organize your finances, set everything up to run smoothly, and maintain it all for you. 

"I need my numbers - ASAP!"

You need your numbers and you need them NOW – no data entry or math required.

"I need a bookkeeping checkup."

I can verify your bookkeeping – done by you or someone else – and give you the confidence of knowing it’s being done well!

Working with Emily was powerful. It really transformed how I think about money and emboldened me to make changes I’d been thinking about for years but never felt up to. She made me excited to engage with my income and spending and to try new approaches and habits with both. She helped my husband and me to see our beliefs and patterns about money, to be compassionate with each other and to get more aligned with our choices. Emily is a truth-teller who will help you get right with your dough. I only wish I’d used her services years ago!
- Rachel Carey Debusk

Owner, Unstill Life

Let’s transform your money.

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