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We’re all in this together…

What kind of help do you need?

There’s scary shit going on in the world right now.

I don’t know how this is all going to fall out any more than you do. But I do know there are new resources coming out every day to help individuals and small businesses, so I’m gonna list what I can here.

Because so much is changing so quickly, I’m only linking to things that are set up and ready to take applications, so bookmark this page and check back!


Questions about the CARES relief Act?

There is already a lot of confusion and misinformation spreading about this new law.  If you want an objective summary, click here for the non-profit Tax Foundation relief information page.

Small Business Grants

Seattle Small Business Stabilization Fund – Provides grants up to $10,000 to businesses with a physical presence in Seattle, less than 5 employees, and the owner makes less than 80% of the area median income (don’t worry – there’s a chart!)

Keep Workers Healthy and Safe FundFor employers in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.  Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has created this fund to help business owners pay for employee health insurance and costs related to sanitation and personal protective equipment to keep employees healthy.

Amazon Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund – Grants for businesses immediately surrounding the Amazon campus in Seattle South Lake Union and Regrade.

Mortgage/Rent, Bills, Utilities

Regardless of what company you owe for housing, debt, or utilities, if you’re having financial difficulties, call them as soon as you know you may have a late payment.  There are more companies volunteering to help than I could possibly track here.

There are also non-profit and other organizations that help people pay rent and utilites, and those organizations are getting donations from governments, corporations, and individuals.  One resource in King County is 211 – they connect residents to organizations that can help with their individual needs.

To find Washington state resources for housing, food, health insurance, or child care, go to the Washington State coronavirus response page.

Tax filing and payment changes 

 The IRS has delayed filing and payment of 2019 Federal taxes and estimated taxes for 90 days (now due July 15th).

Washington Department of Revenue has delayed all penalties and interest on late tax payments until April 17th.  This will mostly assist businesses that file their state taxes monthly, as quarterly payments are not due until April 30th. DoR is also accepting requests for extensions for payments, but you must request the extension.  Continue to file your taxes by your normal deadline.

City of Seattle is also accepting requests for late payment for quarterly taxes.  Continue to file Seattle taxes on your normal timeline as well.

For all other state and local determinations, see the section below.  🙂


With recent disaster designations, small business owners and self-employed 1099 contractors may soon be eligible for unemployment as well.  Stay tuned!

Small Business Loans

Kiva.orgKiva has expanded availability of 0% interest loans of up to $15,000, and has expanded eligibility for businesses in the US.

Small Business Administration Loans – Low-interest loans for small business owners.  You can see the process and the application requirements here. Nav has an excellent FAQ about requirements and the process as well!

Boeing Employees Credit Union has offered 0% personal loans.  Not exactly a small business loan, but could still be helpful!

State by State Policies and Protections

Click here to see an updated list of state and local policies, proclaimations, restrictions, and closures.  This list is updated every five minutes.

Links to more resources

There may be all kinds of smaller state and local resources available, so Google while you watch Netflix (check out Self Made – it’s good!).  Start with “[City or State name] coronavirus (or COVID-19) relief”.  Try adding “business”, too, and go from there…

Forbes is maintaining a list of loans and grants in different parts of the country.

Megan McNally, founder of the F-Bomb Breakfast Club in Seattle, is maintaining a list as well.  For government programs go here and for a list of private loans and grants, go here.

Have employees? 

The Families First Corona Response Act mandates coronavirus-related sick leave of up to 80 hours for employees who are quaratined or sick, or have a family member who is quarantined or sick.  For employees employed over 30 days, it also provides up to 10 weeks of leave to care for a child whose child care or school has been closed.

This applies to any employer with under 500 employees, with some exceptions for employers with under 50 employees (for the child care related leave).

This leave will be reimbursed to employers through payroll taxes or credits.  Detailed guidance has not been worked out yet.  So if you have employees, check the link for more details, keep watching for updates, and track all your corona-related leave.

Here is a handy dandy flyer from the Washington unemployment folks – as you can see, they don’t quite have all the answers, either!  But it’s still helpful!

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