need your bookkeeping done ASAP, but dread doing it?

Have numbers in no time – no fancy software, no math, and no data entry!

Your bookkeeping done fast – no bookkeeper required.    

You’ve worked hard in your business, and you love it (well, most of the time!)  And maybe you “should” have a bookkeeper, but you don’t.  And now (maybe like RIGHT NOW!) you need your numbers together – for taxes, or your accountant, or for a  coronavirus support application – and you’re not ready.

So you wonder – “Which last-minute crappy option do I choose?”
  • “Do I hire a bookkeeper?  How do I FIND a bookkeeper?  And how much is that going to cost me?”
  • “Oh my God – do I have to learn Quickbooks?”  (Please don’t . . truly.)
  • “Do I have to type receipts into a spreadsheet?  I hate typing, and that will take forever!”


What if you could skip all of the above, and have your books done TODAY? 

I know what you’re thinking:  “C’mon, Emily – there’s no way!  I’ve agonized over this every year I’ve been in business!” 

Not anymore. 

You’re in my world now – a magical, fairytale place, where a trial subscription to an inexpensive online service and a free Google account could be your ticket to complete bookkeeping numbers in just a few hours . . . no typing, no bookkeeper, and no annoying software to learn.

(OK – it might not be magical.  And I have yet to find a bookkeeping fairytale.  But the rest?  Totally true.)

What could this save you?

Thousands of dollars in:

  • Extra taxes.
  • Unresponsive bookkeepers.
  • Lost money from first-come, first-served government programs that run out.

Hours of time wasted on:

  • Sorting through receipts.
  • Typing (ugh!)
  • Learning software.
  • Combing Yelp for bookkeepers.

Your business.

Businesses are closing because they don’t have the numbers they need to get help.  Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.


When your money is organized, your whole energy changes.

So what will we cover?  Check it out:


Have info in several different places, (Paypal, credit card processor, multiple bank or credit card accounts, cash receipts), and gathering it all seems overwhelming?  

No problem!  Learn my top tips to pull it together FAST.


 Dread data entry, but only have pdf or printed bank statements?  Use this simple (and inexpensive!) software to convert your pdf files into a spreadsheet – no data entry required.

(This 7-minute module can save you three times the cost of the course…)


Got a box of receipts that is driving you to drink?

Have them converted in no time for less than the cost of your Netflix subscription- all while you hang out with your family. 


Google to the rescue!  It’s free, flexible, and fabulous – to quickly bring all your info into one audit-friendly spreadsheet in just a few minutes.


You’re almost there – time to name that transaction!  Peek at the reference list, one-click auto-sort, do a little drag-and-drop, and VOILA! 

You’ve got numbers!  


Copy and paste those newly minted numbers into a template you’ll be proud to email to your favorite accountant, financial planner, or banker. 


How will it be delivered?


Just click the button below and sign up to get instant access.


Choose from video and/or written transcripts - whatever you prefer!


Plus you will get access to all updates for the life of the course!

Who am I, anyway?  😉

Hi – I’m Emily.

I’m a former government budget analyst turned bookkeeper and money coach who has helped governments, small businesses, couples, and individuals make their money easy for over 20 years.  

And now?  It’s time to bring this work to businesses in a way that works for more people.  Because too many businesses go out of business – usually because of money.

Every business owner should feel good about having their numbers – without hours of typing, worrying about math mistakes, or the pressure of needing a bookkeeper they can trust right now.

Emily’s coaching was a key factor in transforming my business and money consciousness.  I was doing good work and felt bad that I did not understand how to make the finances work.  Her insightful questions and constant support in organizing my finances has turned me from being finance resistant to finance aware.  After one year I came to terms, after two years I doubled my income – yes because Emily helped me understand my money – going on the third year and I am tripling my income.  I now love to sit down and do my books, it’s a blast!

Emily is awesome!  Her work is amazing! 

- Tracey Stover

Owner, Breathing Mandala

Emily at Clear Sky is amazing. I had a bit of an old mess to clean up and she helped me through it and helped ease my anxiety throughout it. Emily made my life SO much easier!! And every time she tells me to do something scary and I do it, I make more money!
- Patti Abbott

Owner, Seattle Massage Oasis

Emily of Clear Sky Bookkeeping has been instrumental in making sure my business finances are in order. Unfortunately, some bookkeepers do not do what they say that they are going to do – and I found this out the hard way when Emily looked at my books and realized that my bookkeeper hadn’t done any work on them in over three months! She took the time with me to get to know my unique situation and multiple businesses and projects, fix what the other bookkeeper messed up, and then continue to keep everything organized and in line so that I can know what my financial picture is.

I would highly recommend Emily to any small business owner.

- Stacy Edwards

Owner, Organized Social Media and Home Key Organization

Working with Emily was powerful. It really transformed how I think about money and emboldened me to make changes I’d been thinking about for years but never felt up to. She made me excited to engage with my income and spending and to try new approaches and habits with both . . . Emily is a truth-teller who will help you get right with your dough. I only wish I’d used her services years ago!
- Rachel Carey Debusk

Owner, Unstill Life

Working with Emily has changed the way I feel about money. She has taken the confusion and emotion out of the equation, and I am finally feeling as if I have power over my finances instead of the other way around. Emily truly understands a person’s relationship to money…whether it be emotional, practical, or even spiritual.

I have a clearer view of my financial future and the possibilities than I have ever had.

- Judith Bigham

Artist and Designer, Judith Bigham Designs


Is the cost of the course tax deductible as a business expense?

Usually – YES!  You will be learning about your business finances, so it is normally an education expense.  Talk to your favorite accountant about your situation to be sure.  🙂

How much time will this take?

I’m all about efficiency, so there is less than an hour of training materials. 

How long it will take to get your transactions together and organize will depend on where they are, how many places you need to get them from, and possibly who you bank with – but this is 20 years of tips and tricks to make that as fast and easy as possible.  There is no other way to get your numbers together more effectively than this! 

Is there a guarantee or money-back policy?

No – this course is non-refundable.  As I’m sure you know from working with your own clients, everyone’s commitment to taking the steps is different, and the results will vary depending on you, your business, and how much you implement.  


How long will I have access to the content?

For as long as I continue to offer it, including all future updates and improvements!  🙂

What if I'm not in the United States - will this still help?

Yes! The only thing that won’t apply to you will be the specifics about your tax laws. But once you take this course and know how to use these tools to get your numbers together, you’ll be able to have productive conversations with your local tax professional and get those questions answered!

So tell me . . . are you in?  🙂