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You’re ready for help? Let’s explore your options…

What do you need most right now?

"I need a bookkeeper!"

"I want a check-up."

Dang - I really don't know where to start!

Need a bookkeeper? You're in the right place!

You own your books – I maintain them.  With love, of course. 

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you want someone who knows their shit to keep your books.  But how do you choose? 

Maybe you’ve even heard some of these bookkeeper horror stories: 

  • The Ghost.  They keep taking payments, but stop doing any work – or answering your emails!
  • The “Fluffer”.  Your bills keep getting bigger and bigger, even though your business isn’t.
  • The Incompetent.  The scariest of all!  They don’t know what they’re doing, but you don’t know that until you get audited.  Or you find out before that, and spend a small fortune getting everything fixed.

Dude, the stories I hear about other bookkeepers (and the messes I’ve seen in people’s books!) are unbelievable – I totally understand how stressful it is!

I’m not messing around about this:  I hand-pick each client – awesome, fun, service-based small businesses who use or want to use Xero – so there’s a nice little love-fest going on.  Your bills will be a flat rate, so you’ll never be surprised.  And I’m insured, so if I WERE to mess up, (which I won’t), you’d be covered.


Why choose Clear Sky Bookkeeping?

Flat rate pricing

Your bill is the same every month – no surprise bills.

Starting at $400.

Save time

We’ll make things easier with simple software that works for you.

Included in your rate

You're protected

Fully insured with over 20 years audit-proven experience.

As it should be.

I can also help you:


Choose software that best fits your business, and set it up correctly.


Register to hire employees and set up payroll (I recommend Gusto - it's awesome!)


Analyze your profit to help you increase it!

Emily’s coaching was a key factor in transforming my business and money consciousness.  I was doing good work and felt bad that I did not understand how to make the finances work.  Her insightful questions and constant support in organizing my finances has turned me from being finance resistant to finance aware.  After one year I came to terms, after two years I doubled my income – yes because Emily helped me understand my money – going on the third year and I am tripling my income.  I now love to sit down and do my books, it’s a blast!

Emily is awesome!  Her work is amazing! 

- Tracey Stover

Owner, Breathing Mandala

Want to know your books are correct, or make them easier?

You’ve got a bookkeeper or you’re doing your own books, but you’d like a check-in. You know this isn’t your area of expertise, and you would feel SO MUCH BETTER if you had an expert look at everything and make sure it’s ok.

Maybe there have even been some red flags, like: 

  • Your reports seem off somehow, but you’re not sure what’s off about them.
  • Things are behind, and you’re afraid something may have fallen through the cracks (which may mean you’re paying more taxes, or risking expensive penalties in an audit!)
  • You have questions and aren’t getting answers from the person you’re paying, so the trust isn’t there anymore.

Or maybe you feel like you’re doing things the hard way and you’d like to make things easier, but you’re not sure where to start!

Send me your books* or records,  jump on the phone for a session, and let’s get you some clarity – the confidence of knowing where you stand now, and a plan to get where you want to go.  Leave with a map to the next step in growing your business finances.


Your investment: $500

How it works:

Schedule a session.

Click here to schedule your session at a time that works for you.


Send me what you've got. *

Give me access to your bookkeeping, or email me what you’re doing now.



We make a plan.

You will get off the call with a plan, so you move forward with confidence!



* If your books are in Quickbooks desktop and are not on a server that can be shared, I won’t be able to open the file.  You can run and send me reports, but I can’t check as many aspects of your bookkeeping in that situation.