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What do you need most right now?

I need to know how much is going in and out.

I need to make more, save more, and spend less.

Dang - I really don't know where to start!

Wonder how much money is coming in and going out, and where it's going?

You need SYSTEMS.

You know you need better systems if you:


Aren't sure how much money you're creating in your business.


Make good money, but aren't sure where it goes.


Spend more time doing (or worrying about!) your books than marketing your business.


Find yourself thinking "There MUST be an easier way than THIS!"


Dread the annual tax-time-organizing slog.


Crave a smooth, simple process to track and plan your money, at home or in your business.

How I can help:

Set up your system.

So many options, so little time!

I can help you choose and set up your software, document your processes, and create checklists and/or reminders to keep you on track, so you know you’ve got everything covered.

Once it is set up, we can maintain it or you can.

Starting at $500.

Teach you to maintain it.

Never feel stuck with a bookkeeper again!

Whether you have someone maintaining your books or you’re happy to do it, you’re ready to know what’s up. In four sessions and a little homework, you’ll be up to speed with the basics and keep your money free-range…as it should be!


We maintain it for you.

You own your books – we take care of them.  With love, of course. 

You love your money and you want someone who cares to keep everything up to date.

We support a limited number of bookkeeping clients – awesome, fun, service-based small businesses using Xero.

Starting at $400 per month.

Emily’s coaching was a key factor in transforming my business and money consciousness.  I was doing good work and felt bad that I did not understand how to make the finances work.  Her insightful questions and constant support in organizing my finances has turned me from being finance resistant to finance aware.  After one year I came to terms, after two years I doubled my income – yes because Emily helped me understand my money – going on the third year and I am tripling my income.  I now love to sit down and do my books, it’s a blast!

Emily is awesome!  Her work is amazing! 

- Tracey Stover

Owner, Breathing Mandala

Ready to make more, save more, and spend less?

Time to focus on PROFIT – at home or your business. 

You know you need to focus on profit if you:


Make good money, but don't take enough home.


Are ready to get off the financial roller coaster (that feast to famine and back again thing...)


Have big money dreams - to wipe out debt, max out retirement accounts, have plenty of savings, travel the world - but can't get any traction.


Are ready to end that "more I make, the more I spend" cycle.


Want to feel great about what comes in AND what goes out.


Are ready to create real profit in your business, but aren't sure where to start.

How I can help:

Money Transformation Program

When you’re ready for real, lasting money change.

This is the signature program that has permanently shifted how hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals, and couples make, spend, and save money – at home and in their businesses.

Using my simple, three-step process, you will get clear, aligned, and in control of your money – for good. This isn’t just about money, either – it’s about shifting your thoughts, feelings, and processes around time, money, and energy  to transform your entire financial situation and create the life that YOU want.

Customized, non-judgmental guidance to help you:

  • Create a money process that works for you.
  • Leverage your strengths (and bypass your weaknesses) to make more, save more, and spend less – without feeling deprived.
  • Know how much is coming in and going out, and what you want to shift to create what you want.
  • Confidently do what needs to be done, (AND have the motivation to do it!)
  • Learn how to make everyday money decisions (like “how much is too much to spend on FOOD?”) that fit your goals, dreams, personality, and lifestyle.
  • Have easy, open, and honest conversations about money topics that really matter (even if it’s never been possible before…)
  • Move from money shame to real power.
  • Increase profit – by increasing income and decreasing expenses – in ways that you feel good about.

This program includes eight phone or video sessions, custom exercises between sessions, and unlimited email support for four months.

This is about more than creating a budget – this is about the head, heart, and soul of your money.


Borrow my Brain Session

For those questions you feel like you “should know” the answers to – but don’t.

Maybe you’ve talked to your CPA, your financial planner, or your business coach, and you’re just not getting down-to-earth money answers that work for you (or maybe you’re like many people, and you don’t know who to ask!)  Jump on a call with Emily and get answers to your burning questions – or just a safe place to have a REAL conversation about what’s happening with your money.

“What is the best system for me?”
“Should I invest in that program?”
“Create a new income stream?”
“Hire that employee?”

“What do I do FIRST?” 

Because one insight can change everything.


Have your money work for you, instead of you working for your money!

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